Second Avenue Subway

This was a project we created specifically for Unreal Engine. It was fully interactive for the Q&A and Interview. It also runs at 100FPS on the Oculus Rift.


I saw a photo of a bathroom, so I recreated it and changed up the color scheme a bit. Modeled in Maya, rendered in 3ds Max with VRay.

Holger Schubert Garage

I wanted to pay homage to the beautiful design of Holger Schubert. He creates such simple, elegant pieces. I also modeled & textured the Dodge Viper. Created using 3ds Max, Substance Designer & Unreal Engine.


This is a scene I created for a 3D Artist Magazine tutorial in their magazine.

Historic Site

This was created from scratch in 3ds Max and VRay. Trees are iTrees.

Historic Site 2

Another shot of the Historic Site. These were created to give the site some mood and hsow how it would be improved if we win the project.

Atelier in Ushimado

I loved the simplicity of the shapes of this home, so I recreated it and gave it some warmer hues so it felt more inviting. Created in 3ds Max and VRay.


This was a simple compositing exercise. I found a free plane model online with rights to the usage and set up the materials so it was ready to be comped into this scene using Keyshot (30 day demo).

Subway & Props

This scene was created using 3ds Max, Substance Designer & Unreal Engine. All PBR materials and modular assets built for VR.

Garage Loft

Upstairs it is a home for someone, downstairs it a car lovers dream. Enough space to hold 6 cars and a fully functional garage. Created with Maya & VRay. I have also ported it to CryEngine with 100+ FPS sustained.

V8 Wet Rod

This was a collaboration with Kurt Strand. He needed a 3D model built of his idea, so I helped him out. Created in 3ds Max, VRay & Keyshot (30 day demo).


Just a simple loft I created after seeing a photo of these stairs. I built the loft around the stairs and their simplicity. Created with 3ds Max, Forest Pro & VRay.

Volkswagen Wheel

A VW rim I made in 3ds Max and rendered with Keyshot (30 day trial).