HRE Wheel

Just another fun side project. Next asset will be the tire and then the brake caliper. May give this away as a free asset once complete. Thanks for looking!

Brake Rotor

This was created for fun, just so I could create something car related 🙂 Modeled in 3ds Max, textured using Substance Designer. Render is in the Substance viewport.

Second Ave Subway

This was a project we created for an interactive presentation using Unreal Engine. We later optimized it a bit more and got it working in VR using the Vive. Almost everything relating to architecture has[…]


Just a simple environment created in a couple days.


Just some photos I have taken on my travels. Many more, just no time to sort through and upload them all!

Game Asset Archive

I figured I’d throw up an archive of all of the vehicles I have created since starting my career at Rockstar Games back in 2003. Man, the time sure does fly